Reliable and rewarding export services without borders.

We offer reliable and rewarding export services mainly across the food and beverage industry: agencying – ongoing export management and representation.

What we Do

WBTrade provides full-service

and outsourced (full or partial) export department services, and has multi-channel experience in several international markets, understanding food export offerings with particular expertise in bridging and going to market.

our offices

Headquartered in São Paulo/Brazil,

with teams in the main Latin American countries, WBT partners have been dealing with these activities for decades, in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

We provide services to medium and big-sized Companies needing to establish or expand their business, especially in Latin America, to governmental and non-governmental organizations (promotional perspective) and also to exhibitions promoters (third-party services).

Therefore, we are a one-stop-shop / full service / turnkey company, providing roughly all kinds of International trade services.

our services

Export Strategy and Planning

WBT will work with you to understand your current export strategy (if available) and future goals.

Market Identification & Analysis

Having developed an export strategy,
WBT will identify, research and evaluate potential market opportunities for your brand.

Market Entry

A detailed review of each agreed target market will be undertaken based on the following deliverables:


WBT will ensure your organization thrives mainly in the unfamiliar territories of Latin America.


WBTrade will manage/handle the importing of your product samples in selected markets and they will be presented to probable buyers.

Exhibition services and events

We are well-experienced in representing clients at key industry events and in organizing memorable events.