Main services

Ongoing export management and representation. We work as an extension to your business, and we build on our expertise and your talent, offering products/services to a market of individuals yearning for change.

Our team is built by individuals who are multi-national, multi-cultural and our team is established through knowledge, experience, and proven success: diverse backgrounds with varying degrees, all bringing something important and invaluable to our team – doing the right thing, always being available and engaged.

Export Strategy and Planning

WBT will work with you to understand your current export strategy

(if available) and future goals. We will build a knowledge of your export product range, USPs, product positioning and other factors such as budget availability, that will contribute to your export strategy.

Limitations regarding labelling, ingredients, MOQs, product shelf life and other technical aspects will also be addressed.
WBT will work with you in an export strategy document that will form the basis of ongoing export activities in middle/long term.

Market Identification & Analysis

Having developed an export strategy,
WBT will identify,

research and evaluate potential market opportunities for your brand. Identifying and prioritizing specific target markets and segments is key.

Recommendations will be made based upon:
Size and potential of each market ●
Key retailer analysis ●
Competitor analysis ●
Indicative investment requirements ●
Proposed route to market ●
Value chain based on product cost, freight, tariffs, distributor and retailer margins ●
Return on investment – recommended
target markets identified will then move ●

Market Entry

A detailed review of each agreed target market

will be undertaken based on the following deliverables:

Multiple partner identification, communication and negotiation (organizing one-to-one meetings, matchmakings-single or multi-city, from effective meeting scheduling to consistent follow up, we take care of all the details.) ●
SKU selection based on detailed competitor analysis, pricing and promotional activity ●
Technical requirements including timescales and costs ●
Market access requirements ●
Budget requirements based on potential listing fees and A&P costs (including PR) ●


WBT will ensure your organization thrives mainly in the unfamiliar territories of Latin America.

Our team will execute strategies for Market Access, Trade Promotion and Market Development.

As representatives/agents in the local market, consider us an extension of your organization, working towards the same goals.

Your local potential clients/buyers will be identified and courted; importers and distributors will be reached.

We will introduce your products to the right people.

WBT will attend trade shows, fairs and networking events.


WBTrade will manage/handle the importing

of your product samples in selected markets and they will be presented to probable buyers.

Exhibition services and events

We are well-experienced in representing clients at key industry events and in organizing memorable events.

Being present in a local trade show with your own stand or within your country pavilion to introduce your products and build brand notoriety (increasing your exposure in the market) can also be a turnkey activity, since we can organize and host it accordingly.

In this context, we can provide matchmaking, one-to-one meetings, with probable potential buyers, inside or outside the exhibition, and, if necessary, with translation services.

We offer full event planning services to carry out events that are right for you, e.g. demonstrations and tastings.